Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts Review

The Venum Giant Muay Thai shorts retain the usual design features, with a lightweight polyester cut that allows full leg movement and an elastic waistband. The design is subtle at both ends, which many fighters prefer. The shorts move away from the traditional design in the sense that they have a large mesh ventilation panel on the legs, which is a welcome addition to warm weather training. The Evo Fitness Muay Thailand shorts are a great change to the Venum line, as they are made of moisture-transporting satin fabric, which provides comfort at low weight. 

Sublimation is a method of printing the pattern on the fabric to prevent it from running or fading. The print itself is then sublimated within the shorts. This allows the shorts to maintain their stunning aesthetic no matter how hard you train or how often you wash them. The effectiveness of compression equipment for athlete recovery is a topic of discussion, but Venum has developed its compression technology specifically for this purpose. 

Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts Best Price
Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts Best Price

There’s nothing worse than having to pull your pants down during training, especially in sparring. The RDX implements a Velcro fastener system on the jaw cord. The pair combine to leave the shorts in place without needing to be adjusted. 


Venum shorts have a traditional wide elastic waistband for functional comfort and back support. In this sense, there are no piping at the waist or side slits provided by other venum muay thai. Various colors and sizes $119.99 in Canada, Mexico and Canada for fighters. It is time to end half-hearted measures during training sessions, s / m / l xl, 2xl and 3xl Muay Thai shorts are the new for the fighters.

Muay Thai shorts are the first choice for anyone who trains in Muay Thai. While MMA board shorts are the order of the day, Muay Thai training is becoming more and more popular as the MMA sport continues to gain popularity. These shorts are specially made for training. 

Thanks to the use of light microfibres, the shorts feel soft and supple. They are also made from moisture-wicking fabric that dries and cools to feel comfortable while exercising. The seams are sewn for durability and withstand all kinds of rumbling and falls. 

Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts For Sale
Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts For Sale

Combat clothing such as Rash Guard (see related article) and Rash Guard Muay Thai and MMA shorts are popular everywhere because they can be worn for different types of martial arts training. Most of the guys between the two train some martial arts and also practice MMA. You will often see one or two rocking MMA shorts for your Muay Thai training. 


Venum Giant Camo Muay Thai shorts in red and gold, ship the same day, available in boxing, Muay Thai and MMA finishes. Get in Perth with the code clickcollectwa and check Venum is an absolute must for Muay Thai shorts, with high quality shorts designed with the Thai tradition in mind. Venums Super Champ Muay Thai Shorts are exclusive to Red.

Venum Mens Gladiator 3.0 Training Shorts Review UK

Laser-cut designs and surfaces look traditional and decorative. Venum Muay Thai shorts have a reputation for quality and they do not disappoint. The T3 seams are known to be of high quality, which means that the EVO fitness shorts are well made. 

This collection of tensile Thai shorts does not have the previous and next chart sizes. To prevent your shorts from being out of place while exercising, a silicone cord prevents your ins. The highlight of this collection is that the uniform is not pre-shrunk, so you can shrink the men’s Pro Muay Thai Fight Shorts and Kickbox Shorts, which are designed to become your personal, easy-to-use and bespoke software. Fairtex has made the best Thai on the men’s and women’s devices. 

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