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MMA Reviews, where we a MMA Kick review all sorts of MMA equipment. We do love to try out and review MMA kit and equipment.


Rox Fit Grappling Dummy Review

The majority of the grab puppets are designed for use in the abdominal or lying position. This position allows students to practice basic throws with a live practice partner. Dummies equipped with arms and legs give students the opportunity to practice knee and elbow locks, while detailed dummies practice wrist and ankle locks with hands … Read more

Best Muay Thai Kick Pad

Best Muay Thai Kick Pad

In the curves of the Muay Thai pads is built a curve, which represents a great target in the middle of the pads. It is much easier for the pad holder to catch the kick and for the kicker to target the centre. If you are a beginner, the curves on the pads are better … Read more