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MMA Clothing & Equipment in the UK. We have sources the best MMA equipment and clothing so you can fight at your best level. Get the gear that will make you better, and look better doing it.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most exciting forms of modern day fighting, combining elements from the best forms of martial arts. However, to succeed in this sport requires plenty of training and a combination of high-end MMA clothing and equipment. At MMA Kick we want to help you train at your very best level, which is why we’ve put together a top range of gym bags, shorts, jackets and tailored MMA shoes.

If you’re an MMA fan, you’re probably looking for the best MMA equipment and clothing. Maybe you’ve tried some of the dodgy sites out there that claim to have authentic MMA gear but really don’t. Well, we are a real source of UK MMA equipment and apparel.

MMA Clothing & Equipment

Find the perfect fight wear and training equipment here at MMA Kick. We sell and make the best MMA clothing, gloves and training equipment for you to become the champion inside you. We only sell MMA gear we have tried, tested and love. We live MMA and only sell the best MMA equipment we trust.


Best Muay Thai Pad

Get the best Muay Thai Pads

Best MMA Free Standing Punch Bag

Get the best Free Standing Punch Bag

Best Grappling Dummy

Get the best Grappling Dummy here

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