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The BodyRip Body Punch Bag is made of a fleshy material so you get a better feel for what it’s like to jump in a real situation. The appearance of the body is so lifelike that it is scary, and we cannot deny that. 

It’s not a floorstanding punching bag, but a rubber mannequin that mimics the torso and head of a heavier and sturdier lad, and I fell in love with it immediately. There are several programs, but the training program is for the more functional Slam Man. This is a real robot in training, in which all kinds of flashing lights and whistles are built in to train your reflexes and reactions.

Like all other punching bag sensors on the market, we call it a Slamman. Its characteristics are almost identical to those of the old slams. We will compare Century Bob and Slamman systems in our product reviews based on customer reviews. 


The bag itself is a 5cm long EPE foam ring held together by pieces of microfibre that are filled and wrapped in a flexible PU synthetic leather. It is somewhat slim and has a high degree of movement without being electrocuted, which is true to some extent for most free-standing pockets. 


The sheer size of the bag, the weight base and the ability to limit its movement through the adjustable collar make it a must have for heavyweights who are fed up with bags slipping to the floor on impact. As a result, it can be frustrating to move the bag if the user is not planning big adjustments. There is also talk of a small problem with the loose screw, which can be easily remedied with a few minutes of work. 

There are two solutions to this problem. One is to use a stand for the punching bag or a punching bag, which is equipped with its own stand. The other is to buy a punching bag with stand so that you can use the bag with the bag of your choice. 

In short, this is a decent punching bag stand, and it’s one at a decent price. It supports not only heavy bags (60cm to 150cm), but also speed bags (20cm to 40cm) and double-sided pockets. According to the manufacturer, there are three bags that can be used for maximum weight.


The fleshy torso of the Body Bag offers one of the most realistic workout experiences on the market. The density of the interior ensures a longer service life than the other bags on this list. The bottom of the full bag weighs 110 kg and is very hard to knock over. This makes the heavy blows and kicks that the sack can endure while throwing.

Heavyweights should be extra careful with the neck area as it is known to wear down quickly. The upper area tends to loosen after repeated use. This can easily chip off, especially on the head. 

The free-standing punching bag of RDX is an absolute steal for a bag of this caliber. The hose length is on the short side, but the stability of the base largely compensates for this. There is a lack of target and combination areas like some of the other bags on this list. The RDX offers this bag for less than £85. This bag is listed as a foray through combat-shaped pockets. 


The base can be filled with sand or water and is easy to install. The Max Strength Bag offers an inexpensive and portable alternative to the conventional hanging punching bag. If you like MMA, or short for boxing, this is exactly what you need.

As we said before, the BBE punching bag stand has some potential disadvantages. Tall people, especially people over 58, “will find it a bit difficult to use them, but those who can punch and kick will be good. The stand can hold only one bag at a time, while the other stands can hold both heavy bags and speedbags. 

If you love boxing or martial arts, you’ve probably heard of it. Although more expensive than previous products, it is one of the most popular body punching bags ever. It has over 90 positive reviews on Amazon, which speaks volumes about its quality and popularity. It also has 86 positive reviews to be proud of. 

In 1995 we launched the world’s first freestanding bag, the Wavemaster (r). In 1998 we introduced the game changer, the Bob (r) Body Opponent Bag. It was the first truly freestanding training doll and developed into its own line, the Bob (r XL) Bobby and the bully, the Bob (r), in case you need a hit. Today we offer a whole range of Wavemasters, from the Cardio Wavemaster (r) Heavy Duty to the WaveMaster (r 2XL) Pro. With so many different martial arts out there, who better to take one or two books to answer. 

We have teamed up with Matt Hughes and Ricardo Liborio to name just a few. We also do more than just official testing. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet industry standards. We send samples of certain new products to John Hackleman’s boxing gym, where MMA fighters test them. 

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